New COVID-19 measures

As of today legislation is in force requiring pubs to make service changes in the interest of reducing the spread of COVID 19. This is due to indications of a second wave of the virus.

The Fox and Hounds have always remained alert with regards to the virus. During this year’s earlier lockdown, we were proud to serve the community in providing a takeaway and delivery service. When lockdown ended we put in place a range of measures to ensure the health and safety of our patrons and provide much needed relief. You can read our initial announcement here.

We recently put up 2 rather large decorated marquees in our beer garden, with lighting and heating. This is so that people who feel more comfortable outside, can still come and enjoy the pub, even if it’s cold and raining. Further we are possibly the first pub in England to get hold of couples’ pub benches.

We are committed to your enjoyment, but also to your health.

Today we have released a range of new rules and measures:

• Rule of 6. This is strictly required. Do not approach or engage socially with individuals outside your group.
• Wearing a face mask is now required inside the venue at all times except when food and beverages are served.
• Table service only. There is no service at the bar. (We are trying out various ways to best handle this including the use of apps.)
• Registration of your details for the Government’s Test and Trace legislation (see notices around the pub).

These compliment our existing measures:

• Hand-sanitiser dispensers at entrances, exit, and restrooms. Please use them, we do.
• Staff use PPE such as gloves, visors, and masks.
• Tables are spaced at least a meter apart.
• A one way system operates inside the pub. Please follow it when ordering drinks or using the restrooms.
• Tables are sanitised between sittings.
• Toilets are sprayed with anti-bacteria every hour.
• Toilets are 1 at a time. Please respect this.
• Signage throughout the venue, on walls and doors.

Test and Trace is now a mandatory registration requirement for every visit. You can use the NHS app provided this is witnessed by our staff, or you can use our paper form. We only keep registration details for as long as required by government. These are kept in a safe and destroyed as soon as we are permitted to by law. We will not ever use these details for anything other than compliance.

The Rule of 6, the wearing of face masks, and other measures, are now required by law. Due to this we wish to make clear our reservation of the right to refuse admission for non compliance.

We hope the measures we have put in place give you the assurance that we have your well being in mind. We will continue to maintain our venue, provide entertainment where possible, and deliver great food and ambiance in the midst of the pandemic.