Postponing Christmas Wonderland to 2021

It is with great regret that we have decided to postpone our Clavering Christmas Wonderland experience until 2021.

While we are hopeful lockdown will be relaxed in December, it is far from certain. Further, it also not clear that relaxation will permit an event such as this to operate. The risk in the face of our investment is simply too great to justify at the present time.

We invested a lot of time and money in preparations for this year, and while some of this is non-recoverable, we have learned some hard lessons, and gained some valuable experience that will put us in good stead to deliver next year. This is absolutely something we would like to establish in Clavering for the long term.

We would like to thank the great people who came forward to help in the local community. We have been touched by your trust and enthusiasm, and we are more determined than ever to reciprocate.

While Christmas Wonderland may be postponed until next year, we are expecting to be open in December for Christmas dinners in the run up, and Christmas Day lunch on the 25th. Decorators will be in to make sure we are looking our best, we are putting together our festive playlists, and taking delivery of some seasonal thirst quenchers!

Love to all, see you soon!

The team at the Fox.